Waterfall by Crown Group blends luxuriously appointed apartments and unrivalled amenities with extraordinary natural beauty.

Inspired by cascading water and tropical rainforests, SJB Architects, in conjunction with Crown Group, lead a green revolution in sophisticated urban resort-style living.

Positioned less than 5km from the Sydney CBD, Waterfall by Crown Group is set over four towers ranging from seven to 20 storeys.

Natural features are centred on a tranquil internal lagoon, lush rooftop escape, tropical bamboo walk, and a breathtaking 22m high cascading waterfall. This is the perfect place to escape.

Renowned for its superb resident facilities, Crown Group includes a rooftop infinity pool, a cantilevered gym, a function room, a music room, retail outlets and a rooftop lounge with panoramic views of Sydney CBD.

A perfect balance of luxury, nature and beauty, Waterfall by Crown Group is more than you can imagine.

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